Monday, January 23, 2006

Paschal's Managing for Success DISC profile

This report was taken about 10 years ago, based on the Managing for Success DISC report (Style Analysis Response Form). I took this shortly after retiring from being a psychotherapist, for some 30 years. I may have over-stressed roles of acting and assertiveness after being in a compassionate listener role for so many years. I have changed a little but not much. Understanding myself now, I do not know how I listened patiently to people's problems for so long. In administering these reports, I always stress that we are far more than any set of answers we use in a given situation to describe ourselves. We are a mystery and a Divine Amazement, even to ourselves. Here is the report.

These statements indicate natural behavior that he brings to any job. That is, if left on his own, these statements indicate how he would choose to do the job.

Paschal is the type of individual who, under pressure, has a tremendous sense of urgency and need to get things done. He displays a high energy factor and is optimistic about the.results he can achieve. The word "can't" is not in his vocabulary. He is self-reliant and willing to pay the price for success. That is, he will do whatever is necessary to get the job done no matter the personal cost. He prefers an environment with variety and change. He is at his best when many projects are underway at once. He is multi-tasking and happiest when he has many balls bouncing.

Paschal may lose interest in a project once the challenge ceases. He may then be ready for another challenging project. He can be assertive and direct, but still be considerate of people. His group skills are plentiful. Other people realize that directness is one of his great strengths. He is very results-oriented, with a sense of urgency to complete projects quickly. He is a self-starter who likes new projects and is most comfortable when involved with a wide scope of activities. Paschal is driven toward goals completion and wants to be in a position to set policy that will allow him to meet those goals. He embraces visions not always seen by others. Paschal's creative mind allows him to see the "big picture."

Paschal likes to make decisions quickly. Sometimes he becomes emotionally involved in the decision-making process. His high energy and directness can be threatening to others. He is a good problem solver and troubleshooter, always seeking new ways to solve old problems. Paschal finds it easy to share his ideas on solving work-related problems. When faced with a tough decision, he will try to sell you on his ideas. He has the unique ability of tackling tough problems and following them through to a satisfactory conclusion. He loves challenges.

Paschal tends to influence people by being direct, friendly and results-oriented. He sometimes mask his feelings in friendly terms. If pressured, Paschal's true feelings may emerge. His creative and active mind may hinder his ability to communicate to others effectively. He may be several steps ahead of his listener. He may present the information in a form that cannot be easily understood by some people. When others ramble or don't speak to the point, he can lose interest and/or be confrontive, asking ramblers to "get to the point." His active mind is already moving ahead. Paschal challenges people who volunteer their opinions. He likes people who give him options as compared to their mere opinions. The options may help him make better decisions. Sometimes he may lack the patience to listen and communicate with slower acting people.

He likes people who present their case effectively. When they do, he can then make a quicker assessment or decision. He is good at bridge-building and networking, and he is usually comfortable challenging others to think outside the box. Negative reactions of others do not usually bother him when he feels he is on target. He does not live with much fear of the opinions of other–which is not always in his favor. When he steps on other's toes, as he may do at times, he is open to feedback.

He is a do-er, but also needs the down-time, quiet time for reflection and planning. Although he is usually a high-energy person, he also needs quiet time for balance.

This section identifies the specific talents Paschal brings to the job.
Motivates others towards goals.
Creative in his approach to solving problems.
Usually makes decisions with the bottom-line in mind.
Change agent--looks for faster and better ways.
Team player.
High energy level and highly focused.
Challenges the status quo
Visionary: always seeing people-possibilities.

His high scores on the DISC are high D and high I, with S and C below the line.
Personal comment: I often ask my training groups to intuit which of the four is my style, after teaching and after explaining the DISC. Most can guess the I, although most start with a guess of S and sometimes C. They seldom guess my high D. Probably because it is moderated by my high I, that is, I am results-oriented, but believe in getting there through people. Most are used to Ds being only high Ds, and therefore Dominating by force of their personality style. As I am teaching, training, listening, my balancing act is always between my D and my I: that is, measuring what can I get done via these persons' participation. I tend to work with people-possibilities and aim for results through persuasion, influence and bridge building. I do want to see results. I have some confrontation and conflict resolution skills.

P.S. I make these reports available to teams and organizations with whom I work. The inventory takes ten minutes.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

In Love? At three score and sixteen?

In love? At three score and sixteen?

If we are lucky,
there comes a time when we feel complete
without needing anything else.
No more worlds to conquer.
I am missing nothing.
I lack nothing.
I have more than I ever deserved
Life, gifts, blessings, opportunities
family, children, grandchildren, love
and still an chance to help others,
to make a small difference somewhere.

What I am most certain about
is the God's Love is the central and core
mystery of the universe. When we
recognize this, we need nothing more.
This I know for sure
that God loves me,
will always love me,
just as I am.
Now, forever.

We are more than enough,
via this amazing Grace.
My only aim is to live in this Love.
to abide in this love, (no matter how easily
I still fall out of this ever haunting
and hounding embrace)
And allow everything to speak of this Love.

It is for the first time in my life
a sense of completeness.
With all that is.

I am forever young in this love
because it is ever new, refreshing,
still birthing, ever re-creating. . .
It is a Wow! ...with every sunrise!
Actually with every breath!

I do not need a single further moment.
"My soul magnifies the Lord
My spirit rejoices in God my savior.
For He who is mighty has done great things
for me, and Holy is His Name. . ."

"When Love is Lord of heaven and earth,

Written November 2005. Updated January 18, 2006: I just had another wonderful and awesome experience meeting with a group of bright, funny persons who love stories and storytelling, over this past weekend. Everyone there a Divine Amazement. I do not remember laughing so much or having such a good time with a new group of people in quite a while. And we might be up to something as a team. 'Twas really a gift and privilege to be invited to be part of this undertaking, the annual board meeting and planning of the Kentucky Storytelling Association. Thank you Betsy, Cynthia, Mary, Carolyn, Buck, Bill, and Thomas.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sign me as "Irresponsible."

Cut and Run Humbug, or Vietnam Redux
Letter to the Lexington Herald Leader, Jan 13.

"We can't cut and run." Mr. Bush and all his advisors, both loyal and bipartisan, agreed again last week with public fanfare.

Why? Because we would leave Iraq in chaos. Because our prestige (and power) as a country is at stake? Because to do so would admit that the invasion was a mistake from the start? Because we will contribute (even more) to the instability of the Middle East? Etc.

The same arguments were false for another unprovoked and unnecessary war, namely Vietnam.

They are simply not true now. They all overlook the primary reason for the current chaos and violence, namely, the PRESENCE of the U.S.military on the sovereign soil of a Muslim country invaded without provocation.

We forget so easily. After our leaders had secretly decided the Vietnam war could not be won, we sent another 25,000 of our military to die there. Because our leaders could not face up. Think of that number, please, America, and wake up to the war-lust madness and hubristic arrogance of our "leaders" of whatever stripe.

What our leaders really cannot give up is a lust for American power, military bases and access to the oil reserves there, plus the blind arrogance that first conceived this imperialist adventure. As long as the U.S. Military is there, chaos and terror will prevail. Write it down.

Our military presence is preventing reconciliation and peace in Iraq.

Everyone of the Mr. Bush’s recently assembled noteworthy advisors is simply wrong.
It takes unusual courage to speak the truth to power in the actual presence of power.

Economists predict Iraq will cost one to two trillion dollars. Not to speak of the future lives, limbs and blood of our proud military. Not to speak of our ability to pay for all this.

Mr. Bush said when running for President that he would never balance the budget on the backs of the poor. He lied. He has already done so, repeatedly, and will continue to do so.

It is the working poor, the un-insured, the students, the handicapped, the needy, as the recent budget cuts already demonstrated, who will pay through the nose for this war, not Mr. Bush and his rich cronies.

Never in our history, have so many people been so abused by so few so easily. There are stronger words.

Worse still: we continue to let Mr. Bush and company get away with their conning us via fear, religion and patriotism. How long will it take America to wake up to the prideful insanity of Vietnam redux?

Mr. Bush attacks those who disagree with his Iraqi policy as "Irresponsible." Sign me please as "Irresponsible."

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year, 2006, January 1.

The end of the year is the natural time for personal review for me, reflecting on the happenings and relationships and networking of the past year. My morning mediation was an Accusation against God as being Absurd. After writing my rant and reading it to my wife, she replied you left out “free will.” Well she was right, but even with free will I still think the idea of God, in the way we use and abuse it, is absurd.

But then I am also absurd, and maybe so are we all. We are not essentially rational, but only pretend to be. Even if there is no God, I believe that the force within the universe is one of love, justice, goodness and beauty, and that this force shall eventually prevail. And that my charge is to use my personal space to make a difference.

Our SGN group met here tonight and all the regulars were present. The theme that emerged is our connectedness. My more dangerous idea is that We shall find out that God is not necessary, but an increasing number of persons in the world will realize that, as quantum physicists tell us, the core reality of the universe is Relational Aliveness.

To the extent we live inside Relational Aliveness with all of the universe and with each other, we ourselves are alive and well, and contribute to the Force of Love in the universe. Some brief disucssion was held about the practice of “Shunning” by family members and others, and how abusive and evil it was.

So, dear friends, Happy New Year to each of you.
May we grow in the realization that we are one with one another,
united in our common humanity, truly brother and sister,
and work together to heal the mess we find ourselves within.

Yes there is the death of the body, but I do believe that consciousness
or example or goodness, or truth, or beauty or Love will continue
and will eventually prevail, and those who give their lives to it,
shall be part of the victory.

Be well. Namaste!