Thursday, September 13, 2012

2012 considerations for Independents & those who have not yet decided who to vote for...

For those who have not yet made up their minds–Independents.

in this most important election, here are some things to consider.

I suggest you do your own research on any of these observations.

Any across party Agreements? Yes, 1) Congress is broken, and 2) the economic situation is worse than you think. Real unemployment is about 16% or c. 22 million. 3) The situation in Washington is much worse than many of us know. Or want to know. Or are ready to know. 4) Both parties are to blame for this mess, and 5) Most important, REFORM IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY,

But before my list of considerations for Independents, here is what’s funny ( or crazy) in the current scene (which we have to endure for another 54 days)L

Limbaugh & Compnay are urging Romney to be more aggressive and lay the "socialist" tag on Obama. See My cousin Frank’s letter.

Wow. Did any of you hear the word "socialist" when Bush and Obama were using government billions to bail out the banks and investment firms and the auto industry?

Oops. Maybe it only when the Gov. Seems to help the little guy too much.......

1. Both parties have been ripping off the middle class by their policies. See the book The Betrayal of The American Dream, written by 2 independent journalists. Both parties. Middle class income has declined 28% in the last 10 years. The only question is which is the worst party to put back in charge for next 4 years.? Neither choice is a good one.

2. Currently big money controls Washington and congress. Currently Wall Street and billionaires are betting on Romney this time, with huge contributing. Romney is promising more de-regulation, more hanging fruit for Wall Street. We have a government by the elite, for the elite and from the elite. By "elite" I mean the economically elite, including career politicians.

3. The GOP is charging Obama for lack of economic recovery. But the facts are they did everything from the beginning to sabotage him and his initiatives. From the beginning, check it out. See Mitch McConnell’s refrain.

4. It was Bush and the COP thatfinally brought us the Recession in 2008, although not by themselves. De-regulation started under Clinton, but accelerated under Bush, of many industries, of banks and Wall Street.

5. Wall street is still de-regulated as many of the previous of the law passed to remedy the situation have been stifled by Repubs in Congress. They are still too big to fail. It will be the ordinary tax payers who again bails out the rick investors.

6. Sub-prime mortgages were sold to millions which mortgages knew were bad loans, and then thru derivatives on derivatives he same investment companies bet billions that they would fail. The government bailed then out to stop the domino effect. And no one went to jail,

7.  Do you  know Dodd-Frank?  If you do not know this bill, its purpose and stifling, you have "attention - blindness. Who would be the worst party to put in? If we vote GOP, we are continuing to allow the foxes in the HEN house. In fact, we are as likely now as in 2008 for another crash, because nothing has really been changed to break up the "banks to big to fail.". Nothing to prevent what happened before. Check it out.

8. The GOP is increasingly controlled (and divided) by the radical right, which makes an idol of the free market and a devil of the government.

If the government has not acted in 2008, we would be much worse off today, including the Auto industry. Government has a role, and, yes, it is too big, and radical cuts are needed. Who is best to manage this is the big question.

9. The GOP ads have been lying consistently about Obama, re: he is for taking the work requirement away from welfare . When fact checkers proved this was false GOP aid they would not be bothered by fact0checkers in their ads.

10. Iraq was an unnecessary war, a war of choice by Busy (see 500 Days: Secrets and Lies Kurt Eichenwald) , who BTW, kept the cost of that war secret. The current belligerency of the neo-cons in Romney ’s camp is really scary because they are the same crowd who choose Irag to invade before 9/11. The GOP cantatas have no foreign policy experience and in fact, no policy positions. You ill notice how they are avoiding the topic. .

11. Taxes should be fair across the board. The Buffet rule. Under Eisenhower, the rich paid 90%, under Regan 50%. Now it os far less. Millionaires should not have more loop holes than their secretaries. Yes, reform is greatly needed. We have known this for years but Congress has done nothing. Can you trust a candidate who keeps his bank accounts overseas?

12. Watch the debates and make up your mind. Do you own research on anything I have said. Get your information from other than Fox news and Beck and talk radio. Compare sources.. Check out PB, NPR< CNN and MSNBC. Check out Rachel Madow at 9p, MSNBC.

Read The Betray of The American Dream by Barlett and Steele. (both parties did this). Debates are going to be interesting. For VP we have two Catholics arguing policies and facts against each other, with 2 different views of the same faith. Can’t wait!

Debates are Oct 3, 11, and 16, the middle one being VP

Here is what seems to be a neutral website comparing the two candidates on many issues.

A personal historical note. I remember my father, a family physician, ranting against FDR in 1939 calling him a "socialist," and maybe worst. Republicans and the American Medical Assn regarded Social Security as a socialist plot. At ten years old this was my awakening to national Presidential politics. I also remember Wendall Wilkie was a come from behind dark horse winner at the GOP convention. Without met checking, am I right?

Those who say no reform is necessary or allowed are...
"tunnel vision, y way or the highway" nuts.
Those who say No increase in taxes for anyone are...
"tunnel vision, my way of the highway.nts."
Ignore both camps and anythoing they have to say....