Monday, May 12, 2008

You Are Writing Your Own Story Every Moment: Do you know how?


If you sleep about 8 hours, you have about one thousand waking minutes each day. Your brain chooses several times each minute what shall be your focus, what you pay attention to. Every choice you make is determined by the story your brain is spinning each moment, depending on how you view the world, HOW you look out at the world through the window that you yourself are creating. In effect, you are creating and re-creating yourself each moment by whatever you focus upon, how you view yourself and your relation to this external world.

Your internal world, that is, your choosing, is what shapes how you respond to your external world. Most of us, however, are unaware of how we create the inner world. That is, we mostly re-act, and live re-actively, controlled by our hidden, secret story, the one we keep on telling ourselves, and constrained by certain laws of behavior that affect everything we choose, feel, think and do. We live this way, because we do not understand how this inner world works, and because we were not born with a user-friendly handbook to tell us how.

Often, by hook or crook, by wins and slips and outright failures we learn to improve our functioning. At least, I will not make THAT MISTAKE again, we tell ourselves, only to find out, that unexpectedly, we have done so, already.

The challenge for each of us is to understand, somehow understand, this inner world, how we set ourselves up for certain reactions. Keep on denying the fact that we are in charge of our brain, mostly that is, and it is up to us to take charge of ourselves, and our hidden, secret stories. The stories we keep repeating that determine our success, our happiness. Mostly so, at least. More so than we can ever imagine.

We come into the world small, feeling small for a long time. We also come into the world differences, with differing gifts. We grow up this way, often feeling, for various reasons, like an “outsider.” We may be born left-handed, female, a person of color, or with feelings of attraction to our own gender. What we do with these felt differences is critical because these choices are determined by very specific laws of human behavior. We become what we focus on, our feelings and moods will emerge depending how we view our personal world.

These choices are determined by two laws of behavior. The law of positive behavior states that when we focus, feel, act, do positive we become more positive. The law of negative behavior is the reverse, namely, that whenever we focus on the negative, we become more negative. This is the absolute key to success and happiness, that every motivational speaker knows and celebrates.

Much of the world is different than ourselves, even chaotic and certainly unfair. We are not, in fact, born equal, As soon as we focus on the world out there being different, that is, judging us for our differences unfairly, then our inner story is that we are victims of an unfair world. Left-handed, color, female, or an outsider in some way.

The challenge for each of us is to decide how we will choose. We will keep doing so unconsciously and so shape our selves and our environment, unless we bring our inner choosing into awareness.

It is up to us to develop an Inner Supervisor who monitors how we are choosing. Every minute the glass is half full, or half empty. Every minute is a new gift for us to choose. Instead of viewing ourselves as LESS THAN, we can choose GOOD ENOUGH.

I choose to believe that I am in charge of me and my inner world, that I select every minute and many times each minute how I will focus and what I will focus on. I choose joy in spite of everything. No matter what happens. I cannot control any of the world out there. But my world, in here, I can choose love, not fear, every moment. I choose to live by the miracles of everyday life, the giftedness of everything, because I deserve and have deserved nothing. Everything, my life itself is a gift. If I am willing to pay the price of hard work, that is not much that I cannot do. Bur I have no right whatever to expect the world to come to me on my terms.

I choose the mottoes I live by. I choose to program myself everyday, to keep on developing my Inner Supervisor. Awareness is the key. Buddha was right. Buddha is a preparation for living Christianity, that is living love, from inside out. Not prescriptively, according to rules, but creatively, choosing my themes. Noblesse Oblige. I am here to make a difference.

The Buddha says: Wake up. Be aware. Be aware of how you are creating and re-creating your world each moment.

Composed by Paschal Baute, May 12, as a gift to someone I love.
© Paschal Baute. 2008