Tuesday, August 30, 2011



This is useful for mutual understanding and guidance in the Spellbinder mentoring relationship. Completing this will enable your mentor understand how to coach and guide your path toward competence as a Spellbinder. This form is designed to smooth your learning curve as well as help your mentor fit his or her coaching to your own pace and need, both for shadowing and mentoring. Research show that change is enhanced when goals are made specific, in writing and shared with another. This form allows great respect for the learner and helps the mentor to focus more specifically on what the learner is ready for and needs.

This Agreement is between

Apprentice_______________________and Spellbinder________________

Length of agreement? (Circle) 2 3 4 5 months, of from_____to ____

The Spellbinder Apprentice sets these goals:

__ I will obtain my clearance as a volunteer from FCPS, online registering

Apprentice agrees to shadow 2X 3X 4X or until_________________
I want to ___________________________________________________

__ be ready to tell my fist 5-10 minute story to children with my mentor by_____

__ be ready to tell stories sharing 20-15 minutes, with another by ___

Other objectives are

1._____________________________________________by __________
2. I plan to be ready for my Spellbinder Certificate by _______

I plan to accomplish these objectives within this time frame, by ________

What I expect from my mentor (use reverse if necessary)


Mentor hereby agrees to abide by Principles for Guidelines & provide Shadowing opportunities and coaching as requested.
Apprentice Initials _____ Mentor’s Initials _______
Date _______ Date ________