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"Uncommong Knowledge" Any Rand and Wall Stret

Ayn Rand and Wall Street

Re: Uncommon Knowledge with Pter Robinson. This link:

IF you wanta quick overview of how the public has been cooned
by the Fed, C0ongress, the banks and wall street:  

This YouTube vkideo is the bset overview I have found.

The heirs of Any Rang’s objetivist libertarianism are, I suggest: 1) the deregulation of the union of Wall Street with international gandking; 2) the collapse and recession of 2998; 2) the outsourcing of conscience of Wall Street investors, 4) t he betrayal of the Middle Class of this country ; and the paralysis of the government via radical politics and influence of lobbyists in Congress.

The hidden idolatry in free market capitalism means that its proponents cannot and will not see the damage to the common welfare. What is surprising is that so many thinning parapet and even thinking Christians are still so enthralled with her ideas. Free market capitalism becomes a fetish, actually closed to other views. Her views have become a cult, unwilling to be criticised.

1) Rand’s assumption about human nature do not match the scientific nor the Christian understanding of human nature. Rand simply decades as "invalid" concepts whch oppose her philosophy. An invalid concept invalidates every proposition or process of thought in which it is used as a cognitive assertion.

2) Rand herself refused any dialogue wiht ohter philospphers. Her presuemd Ojectiveism was in fact paranoid of other views or any critique. We had a Libertarians participatn an active member of our Spiritual Growth Network group, meeting weekly for 20 years. He was always hostile to other views, opnely critical, unaware of his deep unresolveld prevalejnt anger toward his own father which he projected everywhere. Once I challenged him to conside tha the GI bill for our vterans after WW@ was what constructed our middle classl Basically there was no middle class until then. College and university education was only for the elite untkil then. He finally agreed, but there was no change. I find libertarians "drunk" with theri own idea.s

3) A good case can be mad ethat proponens of Objectivism, hasve gone viral withy subjective defense. See ling: Ayn kto and: Has Objectivism Gone Subjective?

4) Do your own research: pllaces to start:

5) Free market capitalism can find no justification int eh Hebrew Bible or the New testament. A case can be made and should be considered that the untrammeled power of money is destroying our country, that the unlimited power of money now underway in Washington, has been furled by this uncritical "objetivist" philosophy of Rand. It continues passionate for deregulation, for banks too big to fail, and a society governed by the financial elite. What is ironic is that the Republican candidate for President criticizes Obama ‘s failures while espousing the precise aims which produced the most recent crisis.

6). A thorough and objective analysis of "objetivism" will, I believe, reveal that "Ayn Rand was a truculent, domineering cult-leader, whose Objetivist pseudo-philosophy attempts to ensnare adolescents with heroic fiction about righteous capitalists. "

See link:

7) Do your own research and return to dialogue with Paschal Baute

However, my faith influences my philosophy.  Either in the Hebrew bible o its encapsuloation in Jesus as the Wisdom of God, I can find no room for the philosopoy of Ayn Rand. It sim0ly doe snot fit and cannot be made to fit.  This is why I contineu to be surprised that thinking Christians can still espouse this teaching.  Even on the philosophical level, no mainstreat philosopher today regards her philosphy as worthy of interest or critique.  She repeatedly refused dialogue.

Please excuse my un-caught typos. I amvisually handiapped and my usual editor is out of town.

Paschal, Oct 7, 2012

Recommended Radng: The Betrayal of the American Dream; an analysis of what has happend by two independent journalisst

Also Irrational Exuberance;
and the book by Rabbi Jonathan Sachs
The Great Partnership: Science and Religion. .


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