Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year, 2006, January 1.

The end of the year is the natural time for personal review for me, reflecting on the happenings and relationships and networking of the past year. My morning mediation was an Accusation against God as being Absurd. After writing my rant and reading it to my wife, she replied you left out “free will.” Well she was right, but even with free will I still think the idea of God, in the way we use and abuse it, is absurd.

But then I am also absurd, and maybe so are we all. We are not essentially rational, but only pretend to be. Even if there is no God, I believe that the force within the universe is one of love, justice, goodness and beauty, and that this force shall eventually prevail. And that my charge is to use my personal space to make a difference.

Our SGN group met here tonight and all the regulars were present. The theme that emerged is our connectedness. My more dangerous idea is that We shall find out that God is not necessary, but an increasing number of persons in the world will realize that, as quantum physicists tell us, the core reality of the universe is Relational Aliveness.

To the extent we live inside Relational Aliveness with all of the universe and with each other, we ourselves are alive and well, and contribute to the Force of Love in the universe. Some brief disucssion was held about the practice of “Shunning” by family members and others, and how abusive and evil it was.

So, dear friends, Happy New Year to each of you.
May we grow in the realization that we are one with one another,
united in our common humanity, truly brother and sister,
and work together to heal the mess we find ourselves within.

Yes there is the death of the body, but I do believe that consciousness
or example or goodness, or truth, or beauty or Love will continue
and will eventually prevail, and those who give their lives to it,
shall be part of the victory.

Be well. Namaste!


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