Friday, July 06, 2012

My Widom Circles (including the CCC)

My Wisdom Circles

(includes my Celtic Christian community in CCC).

I begin my day, upon rising and after my cup of coffee, with a meditation, inviting my Wisdom Circle: all those family, friends, mentors, teachers, helpers, everyone who has given me a hand up, to be present in my space.

Conversation is not necessary. It is a heart to heart engagement, (see book on Kything). Mostly what I experience from them is a big Yes, to my life and ministry. I (and my siblings) am the reason my parents lived, I am part of their heritage, their gift of love to the future.

From this circle, I experience their affirmation, supports and my own Yes to God, to mystery, to life, to love, to whatever happens, to the world as it is, to all that is....

I never know who will show up. Sometimes it is one or several of my gallery of heroes. It is a time of Mindful Medicating, Practicing the Power of Now, (see book of that name below), being totally engaged in the moment, the Now just as it is happening.

Then, before or after a short breakfast, I danced.

I dance most every morning, most often to my all time favorite, Louie Armstrong, Sunny Side of the Street, but also to Susan Boyle, to other music. This is my Alleluia to the day, to everything,. My family is tolerant. They just know this is my thing.

Talking about circles, I have other Wisdom circles: one of prison and jail ministry, several groups and networks of storytellers, my Toastmaster chapter friends, one of my Spiritual Growth Network friends. And one new circle with a young friend and I are envisioning to change the world of high school seniors. My main circle is my family, children and grandchildren. I am a very lucky man. Blessed beyond all deserving.

I am lucky and blessed to find this Mystery of Grace and Beauty everywhere, everyday, always present.’.

Paschal in Lexington, Ky

Noblesse Oblige.