Friday, December 30, 2011

Usisng Neuroscience to Re-nvent Your Mind.

Using Neuroscience to Re-Invent Your Mind
Creating Habits for a Health, Young and Wise heart
Compiled by Paschal Baute, 2011
PRINCIPLE: Reality = 11/10ths perception. We are able to see only what our brains are organized to tell us. Habits, stress and anger are the main killers.

1. Exercise. The gold standard is three 30' aerobic workouts per week, but any is better than none. Or walk 20' daily. Exercisers beat coach potatoes on every measure.

2. Eating healthily. Be aware that food is a common addiction that shortens life. Avoid ast foods. Eat 2-3 cups of veggies and 2-3 cups of fruit daily.

3. Power of Hope. Positive Attitude, smile.

4. Focus: We become what we focus on. We create our reality.

5. Believing is seeing: Faith is #1 hidden and silent Higher Power.

6. Stretch yourself, Practice. Step outside your box. Be curious
A new knowledge, plus B. New experience.

7. Deep rem dream Sleep” five hours minimum.

8. Seeing things from the others’s point of view: Empathy

9. Forgiveness (others and self)

10 Vulnerability, Love, Self-giving.

11. Gratitude, sense of giftedness of life.

12. Stir the Imagination with new possibilities, new story

13. Meditation, prayer practice 15" minimum 30' daily is gold

14. Companionship: Social connection, family, engage in dialogue daily.

15. Yawning frequently. (Many benefits)

16. Self-Reflection. Understanding the emotional Addiction of thoughts, etc. common, natural and universal: mental chemistry, etc. Neither thoughts nor feelings define us.

17. Mental Rehearsal workouts are necessary. Otherwise unconscious habits of the body take over and put us back into a reactive wheelchair.

18. Welcome feedback. A) visualize; B) Practice, C) use feedbacvk. Repeat 20' daily

REFERENCES: The Secret Life of the Grown Up Brain; Rules: The B rain that Changes Itself, The Mindful Brain; The Moral Animal; Evolve Your Brain; How God Changes Your Brain; Mindsight; ; The Spirituality of Imperfection. All are highly recommended. Www/


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