Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How would you like to win the lottery? but what iff...you already have?

Would you like to win the lottery? Most of us would say yes. But what if... We have already won the lottery many times over. And either don’t know it or don’t think about tit.. Let me count the ways I have won the lottery already. Maybe some of these fit you? First, by being born healthy. One out of 20 children are born with some defect. I am lucky to be born healthy. I have one son, two grandchildren, and two grandnieces born with serious congenital defects.... Second, to be born at all. I did not have to happen. I did not deserve birth. It was a gift of my parents love. The incredible gift of life. Third. I did not have to be born to parents who cared for me and loved me to adulthood. No parents are perfect and mine were not either. They made some big mistakes but they did a lot of things right. But I won the lottery on this count. Fourth. I was born with a brother and 4 sisters. All undeserved. All previous. I cannot imagine not having any one of them. Another gift. Firth. I got a good education in a Catholic grade school, Oh yes, I have some war stories But I did learn my fundamentals. The 3 Rs, and our regular prayers are still at work in the downfall of Soviet Communism. Sixth. These are not in any order, but just as they come to mind. I was blessed to grow up in a small town in the 1930s with enough food on the table, because the local farmers paid my physician father in produce. Seventh. This lottery win/ gift, after life itself, is #1 in priority, Fath., and the fundamentals of a Catholic faith. W. Bible stories. And things I canstill recite today from my Baltimore catechism. 8th. I somehow escaped an alcohol soaked teen age culture in Lebanon Ky, where I need 6 fingers to count classmate and friends who died wile drinking and driving. Narrow escapes for me. 9th. Altho I never had any affecting with my father and our relationship was “bad enu” to give me empathy with many male clients, This also gave me a skeptical attitude toward authority. 10. My father had enough sense and resources to get me and my sisters out of town and send us to boarding schools where we got a decent preparatory education.. Both parents were professionals. 5 of 6 of us went to colleg4e. 10 ways I have already won the lottery. Wow! I am just getting started.... this is just he beginning for me. I did not even get to my wife. I easily have ten more, 3 children and 3 grands, and each is a unique precious gifts that is another six. Then, not even to speak of being born in this country at this time in the history of the cosmos when we know literally that we are the stuff of stars. Stardust. Have not yet counted the friends, teachers, priests, sisters, etc. who have me a hand up at a critical time. Other opportunities. Living the Benedictine life for 16 years Many benefits came from my joining the U.\s. Army at age 19, to rescue myself from career confusion, family break up. Mom moving us kinds, age 19 to 6 clear to California. My disillusionment with my father, and simply not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. While apparently being subject to a new miliary draft, at the time of the Berlin airlift. That experience became the major fulcrum of my life. I think I can easily find 25, here on June 12. 2012. Robert Emmons has research to indicate that gratitude is the secret of happiness. I live with gratitude in my genes. See his book simply names Thanks. I am enormously and undeservedly gifted with a loving wife, three children and 3 grandchildren, and with health that allows me to stay active in many ways. One blessing in life, for a person of faith, and in particular, a searching Catholic faith is to have found a faith community that supports, encourages dn inspires your own faith values. ] This is no small gift today. Paschal Baute Noblesse Oblige