Saturday, April 23, 2011

Greetings from Paschal and Janete

Saturday before Easter Sunday.
April 23

Friends and family:

On this day reserved by Christians for prayer and meditation,
in the season of spring and nature’s rebirth,
we can awaken to the great mystery of life and love that
we are blessed to be part of,

Janette and I want to wish for you a moment of tanks
and appreciation for the many blessings of life and love
we are part of.
Primarily family
and friendship.

Thank you for being part of our journey
We hold your hearts in esteem and love
and thanksgiving.

Last night we survived several severe storms
and the house has not yet floated into the lake
Tonight we get to host Quinn and Chloe
for an overnight adventure, which will
include their favorite pasta.

Paschal’s swimming 3X a week at the Y for some 16 months
is enabling him to work alongside Janette outside and in
so she is comforted that the burden is not hers
for us to stay here in our Camelot. .

My work on my new book
Storytelling: Magic and Mystery
is progressing and I am very grateful
for the gracious help of many friends
willing to proofread to catch typos
my poor vision misses and to make
some excellent suggestions.
I am planning to send my proposal to
the first publisher by May 1.
Am intensively involved now in
assembling footnotes.

For your Eater weekend meditation, I am attaching
below some writing explaining how the character of Judas
is a mythology invented to help early Christian Jews
distinguish themselves from Orthodox Hebrews and curry favor
with the Roman oppressors. This fits my own previous research
and helps explain a great deal of Christian persecution of the Jews
which far exceeds any other blight on Christian history.
Courtesy of friend John Meyer.

Paschal and Janette