Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Wizard of IS invites you to become your own wizad.

The Wizard of IS says you too can learn to be a wizard.

Habits of the heart in the land of IS are seven. You too can become a Wizard by learning and living these laws. The Land of IS is a state of mind and heart, of the immense possibility hidden in the present moment, where happy accidents are waiting to happen. Where serendipity and synchronicity are frequent. It is a way of being authentic, of Presence, that cannot be “done,” or acted.

1. The law of negative behavior. When you focus on the negative, you become more negative. Appreciative Inquiry is better than problem-solving.

2. The law of POSITIVE BEHAVIOR. When you focus on the positive, you become not only more positive, but more enabled to find, affirm and enable the positive in others.

3. The principle of Constant Choosing. You choose every moment. What you focus on becomes your reality. So you create and recreate your own reality, your own world, every moment, every minute, 1000 waking minutes each day.

4. The most beautiful thing in the universe, is the mysterious. unknown thresholds everywhere that invite us to risk and adventure.. P You did nothing to deserve your life. You are the result of a happy accident of LOVE, an undeserved git to yourself. You live either blind to that or aware and grateful for every day.

5. The Heart is the essential organ, not mind, soul, or spirit. Heart determines outlook and results. We have either a self-seeking or a generous heart. WE are here for Love’s sake. We choose daily to live with a strong, healthy and happy heart, of NOT. Life is relational. We need others not only to grow but to become fully who we are.

6. The hidden force within the Universe is a Love Force. When we live with courage, openness and vulnerability, we risk ourselves for the sake of Love. “No guts, no glory” is rule of the universe. Coincidences are simply God’s way of remaining anonymous so we can live by faith, stretching ourselves, challenging ourselves to go beyond. Noblesse Oblige.

7. Bad things happen. Evil exists The unexpected and unwanted is around the corner. Our egos are blind-sided, and each of carries a dark shadow that can overwhelm or blind us to possibility. No on is perfect. Therefore forgiveness is not a choice, but necessary, for ourselves and for others. There is an Eighth hidden Master Rule necessary for those who would own their own inner Wizard and become Wizards for others.

Therefore, awareness, attitude and action are the keys to living in the immense possibility of being fully and authentically present to each moment. This is the magic Land of IS. You embrace your own inner wizard when you choose to live fully in the Land of IS, with these seven heart habits. The Eighth habit hidden from m9st all humans is to so fully embrace one’s flaws, brokenness and woundedness that they become a blessing for oneself and for others.
© Paschal Baute. 2009