Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Are we seduced and even blind? Yes, yes, and yes: many ways.

Have we been seduced”
June 14, 2011. Pascha's notes.

Have we been deduced to believe that once we have named things then we understand them? maybe just naming things is the cultural entrancement which keeps most people on the sidelines, observing rather than partaking and involving ourselves om their communities to improve them? Blind to possibilities.

Research shows that those communities with the highest rates of volunteer involvement have the best rates of health on every single indicator, from addition, to delinquencey, premarital pregnancy and disease. Is that not strange? It is very peculiar unless...

The mystery of the universe is Love, unconditional loves, and where that love abounds and overfl0ows there is the moist health, wellness, and full human prospering. So, to change the world, to create more Love, get involved. Stop complaining and fault finding and sitting on the sidelines.

“I was blind, but now I see.” For those who can see, there is Amazing Grace to be found everywhere. Small kindnesses, help to a stranger. Stopping for a stranded motorist, An appreciative word. Love that never quits. Forgiveness. Bravery of our military. Hope in illness. Dedicating in professional life.

Consider the vast mysteries of the natural world. The immense diversify and stunning beauty of landscapes, sunrises and sunsets. Protected parks. Do we appreciated the awesome mystery of this country’s founding Fathers in the year of 1776 in what they risked. That over one million have given their live s hat we may live as we live today, the envy of the world? The blessings of our time, with unpredicted technological benefits like the Internet and cell phones; that we are the first generation in the history of the civilization to know , really know how to prolong our lives? By healthy habits of heart, mind and body? We are surrounded by mystery. We tend to walk blindly, stupidly through the Mystery of Love,, counting our pennies, checking our fingernails, and envying the good luck of others, comparing and complaining, blind and dumb to the mystery of life and love all around us right now. .

The secret of the universe? Gratitude, to live with joy and gratitude. When we do that, everything is better, mind, body, spirit and soul, and we impact and will influence our surroundings. See the book Thanks, by Robert Emmons, Five Stars. You will write me a thank note after reading it. For further research see below.

Smiley, happy people have healthy hearts

By Jeremy Laurance

Happiness is good for the heart, thinning the blood, reducing its stickiness, and cutting the level of the stress hormone cortisol, according to psychologists from University College London.

The more happiness people experience the better their health is likely to be, they say.

While the adverse physical effects of depression and anxiety are well known, the biological impact of a good mood has not been demonstrated before, they claim.

The finding, published online in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, comes as separate research shows that the risk of heart disease as an adult is increased by childhood infections such as colds and flu.

Researchers found the flexibility of the arteries in 600 children was reduced during an infection and in some cases did not recover after the infection was over.

Artery flexibility is a key risk factor for heart disease and the researchers suggest in the journal Circulation that there could be a link between this and infections suffered in childhood.

In the study examining the impact of happiness on health, 116 middle-aged men and 100 women from London were monitored at work and leisure and tested in a laboratory.

They gave blood and saliva samples and rated their happiness at different times. Some of the participants never felt happy while others felt happy all the time. Most were happiest during their leisure hours.

The happier people had lower levels of fibrinogen, a clotting factor in the blood which increases the risk of heart attack.

They also had lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, even when subjected to stressful tests, indicating that they coped better with adverse events.

The results showed for the first time that there are "plausible biological pathways" linking happiness with health, the authors said.

Andrew Steptoe, professor of psychology, who led the study, said: "What we find particularly interesting is that the associations between happiness and biological responses were independent of psychological distress.

"We already know that depression and anxiety are related to increased physical health risk. This study raises the intriguing possibility that the effect of happiness may be somewhat separate."

Jane Wardle, professor of psychology and an author of the study, said: "If you think of psychological well-being on a scale from happy at the top through neutral to depressed at the bottom, most research has looked at the bottom part of this distribution.

"What we have found, by looking at the top part, is that there could be a whole other side involving happiness which affects biological factors."

Are you blessed?

I am, beyond all deserving, and
beyond all recognition...