Monday, February 04, 2008

NY Giants become 'Giant killers"

Best Superbowl I ever saw, Best, ever.
Down to the last minute, a come from beind win, of an underdog team, playing INSPIRED BAll.
Defense, team play, believing in one another.
A triumph of spirit, and a coaching miracle.
I want to read an interview with Tom Coughlin and the team leaders about how this was accomplished.
PS. I hada similar victory, coaching a high school team, St. Leo Prep, 0-2, with no TDs in a young season, new head coach, against an undefeated Catholic High School, St., Ann of West Palm Beach, Fl, who had won ten straight, until they met us. Which is another story. The story today for those who love sports and sports competition is what happened last night.
Here is one post

Led by Coughlin, the underdog Giants captured their first Super Bowl title in 18 years by upsetting the previously undefeated New England Patriots, the highest-scoring team in National Football League history, 17-14.

``The best part of it for me is that this group of young men, who came together and believed in themselves, bought the team concept completely, took the names off the back of their jerseys and checked their egos at the door,'' Coughlin said after the game. ``The reinforcement for the team is the greatest source of satisfaction for me.''

The championship comes after Coughlin, 61, sat down with Giants owners and promised changes in his approach to coaching. In 2006, New York became the eighth NFL team to reach the postseason after winning just half their regular-season games, and lost in the first round of the playoffs for the third straight year.

After the season, Giants owners John Mara and Jonathan Tisch met with their coach, whose contract was almost expired. Coughlin received a one-year extension and went to work, forming a player's leadership council to get more input from the team.

Both players and owners said Coughlin became more open and accessible to the team, improved communication and never went backward, even when the Giants started the season 0-2.

`It Worked'

``We met with him and we asked him to step it up and he did that,'' Tisch said in an interview after the game in Glendale, Arizona. ``I'm not in the locker room so I really have no clue what he did. Whatever it was, it worked.''

Giants players embraced the new Coughlin.

``He is smiling,'' Pro Bowl defensive end Michael Strahan said in a news conference last week. ``He is using words like `fun' and `enjoyment' and it blows my mind every time he does.''

The Giants hired Coughlin in January 2004, shortly after the team's worst season in 20 years. The former New York assistant and Jacksonville coach had led the Jaguars to two American Football Conference Championship games and compiled a 72-64 record in eight years before getting fired for missing the playoffs three straight years.

Coughlin embraced discipline as the key to winning. In Jacksonville, he imposed a ban on beards and jewelry. In his first season with New York, he fined several players for not being at team meetings early enough.


We shall be hearing more.

Today we celebrate a stunning example of what an inspirted TEAM can do.

Paschal, recoving from total knee replacement (9th week post-op)and aiming and planning to ski by the end of this month, "God willing and the crick don't rise." Feb 4


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fr. Paschal,
I was the starting right guard on that St. Leo team that defeated St. Ann. I don't think any of us knew they had won 10 straight - ignorance is bliss. Our winning (and only touchdown) came on a botched play in the waning moments of the first half. Thinking it was fourth down on the 20 yard line, Kit Gardner (did the coaches call this play?)called for a fake field goal. Only problem, it was third down. The St. Ann defense knew what down it was and were hollering, "It's a fake!" "Watch for the fake!" as we lined up in field goal formation. I thought this ain't gonna work; we haven't fooled anybody, but dutifully pulled right to lead blocking for Chuck DeVito who took the ball from Kit, swung right and sailed into the end zone. (I'm not taking credit, but I did flatten my man). Later that night, at the St. Ann dance, I fell madly in love with a beautiful girl who smiled at me when we danced. But, like a fool, sneaked out with Bill Noonan, Mike Morse and Matt Landreau to buy whiskey and almost got tossed in the West Palm Beach jail in the attempt. Then went to Mike's home where we spent the night, next door to the Kennedy compound in Palm Beach. Not a bad night.
Best wishes to you. I hope you are well.
Patrick Guiteras, St. Leo Class of 1960

March 06, 2008  

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