Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Story of the human mind

The Human Story
Draft 1.1
Toward the creation of a story that will add to my Out of the Box 101, Toward New Beginnings, collection of stories on CD. Paschal Baute
Nov 19

The greatest story today is Why there is anything at all? Or more personally How is it we humans are here with awareness? The mystery that no scientest or philosopher has been able to solve is the fact of human consciousness? How is it that this human brain, weighing a few pounds with trillions of cells and electomagnetic impulses can produce human consciousness:

The part of our world that is most difficult to our understanding at the moment is consciousness itself. “How could the electrochemical processes in the lump of gray matter that is our brain give rise to — or, even more mysteriously, be — the dazzling technicolor play of consciousness, with its transports of joy, its stabs of anguish and its stretches of mild contentment alternating with boredom?” Tim Holt , the Mind of a Rock.

This can be called “the most important problem in the biological sciences. ” It has been called “the last frontier of science.” It engrosses the intellectual energies of a worldwide community of brain scientists, psychologists, philosophers, physicists, computer scientists and even, from time to time, the Dalai Lama. Tim Holt

Storytelling may be the oldest human art, going back the the dawn of human consciousness, hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Perhaps the human brain developed not simply in order to survive by adaptation, but to be able to tell stories, to explain things, life - urgencies, both to itself and to others. So language developed in order to be able to explain things and to tell stories. The urgency to tell stories to oneself and to others is causing an explosion of human possibility on the Internet: MySpace, Facebook, and Youtube. There people are sharing wordc, music, photos, voice and video. \Story is the frame. Who am I, who are you? What are we about? Let us dream together, even across great distances.

"The human story is, of course, part of the cosmic story, as Brian Swimme so beautifully describes. Our bodies contain ancient hydrogen formed in the first moments of the universe. Our carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, and all the other heavy elements in our bodies, are the gift of supernova stars. Our cells have been perfected by the patient workings of countless bacteria through billions of years, and our organs are the gift of thousands of species that evolved during the past billion years. Our bodies are, in a sense, simply a regrouping of very ancient materials.

"Yet the whole is more than just the sum of its parts, and the coming of the human form opened up a new chapter in evolution, quickened its pace, just as earlier the formation of planets opened new possibilities within cosmic evolution and the invention of sex accelerated life evolution."


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