Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Hersy of Orthodoxy: Why the Roman Catholic Church is Dead Wrong.

Why the Roman Catholic church is Dead Wrong
Paschal Baute, Pastoral Psychologist and Priest. .

One is required to follow one’s own conscience even it, for a Catholic, it goes against the Pope. It is right that Catholics ignore papal teaching on birth control and even on abortion.

One must, however, have an informed conscience, that is, it must be educated in the particulars of the situation. I believe my conscience is informed. I have been following the Wisdom of Jesus since I was 19, now for about 59 years. I am seminary educated, several seminaries, and have read most of the books written in my lifetime about Jesus. I am conversant with liberation theology, third world theology, and feminist theology. Finallly, I have been in the trenches, not in academia or some ivory tower, practicing my faith and striving to be of assistance to many others to embrace and practice their own. I would not swap this experience for any on earth. I know deeply and surely where my spiritual home is, and live daily with gratitude and humilty in the face of many underserved blessings.

In the beginning, Jesus came and preached a gospel, a message of good news to the world, particuarly to the outsiders of his time, the least of his brethren. Unfortunately, the church came and preached Jesus. This was far easier. Just believe and be saved. Believe these truths about Jesus, about salvation, about the right road to salvation, and you are righteous.

Because the church has beleived that Right Teaching is the way to God, the surest path, it has been willing to condemn, torture, ostracize and murder those who belived differently, for thousands of years. Countless others. Hundreds of years of Inquisition, Crusades, religous wars, and anyone bold enough to challenge the status quo. Martin Luther, demonized by the Roman Catholic authorities, was only trying to correct known abuses. He could not be heard. Tghe Protestant Church was born because Catholic authority would not, could not, examine its corrupt policies, essentially.

Orthodoxy says Correct Belief is he measure of salvation. That is not the teaching of Jesus.
Jesus said the measure of salvation was love, the love of God and neighbor. For Jesus,
truth” was the teaching that we shall be judged by the love of the least of our brethren. There is no doubt about this. He also proclaimed that the Kingdom was already here, wherever, people of faith gathered, that priest and sacrifice was not necessary. Truth, then, is not correct belief, but Love, love of God and neighbor.

Gregory of Nyssa said it we4l: “Concepts create idols, only wonder and awe understand anything.” Making concepts or doctrine the way to God leads to, and maybe is, idolatry. We have put ideas between our minds and this vast mystery of Love we call God. We employ the concepts and ideas as avenues of certainty. We are quite wiling to judge others as further from God than we if they do not accept the same ideas. We of the Right Teaching are not only wiling to judge them, but believe that God endorses our condemnation, outrage and persecution of those who believe differently than we do. This is idolatry and it is widespread.

It is also the root of our vast misdirection of religion today, Christian, Catholic, Protestnat, Hebrew, Muslim and Secularism, which is also a god to many. 9/22


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