Monday, September 01, 2008

McCann is not pandering

I do not believe McCain is pandering to women or conservative men by selecting a photogenic former beauty queen to be his Vice Presidential nominee. Cindy McCain says Palin has national defense experience because Alaska is close to Russia. That is good enough for me.

So what if Palin professed desire to renew Federal funding for the "Bridge To Nowhere," many times before bragging the opposite at her first press conference? Politicians are allowed to change their tune when the situation changes. After all, they must present their best possible side even if it is not true.

I am certain that the unfinished bi-partisan investigation in Alaska of her abuse of power is a typical "witch hunt" in Alaska politics. No one that good looking could do anything dirty or underhanded.

McCain may be accused by liberals of being cynical and calculating. I think he is cunning shrewd to choose someone with apparently so little experiences for his Veep. Imagine the air time and free publicity for the GOP ticker this choice is going to get/ Wow.

Think of the sympathy Palin is going to get for totting around her Down Syndrome child. Does not this 72 year old war hero from a miliary caste family and the Republicans too need lots of our sympathies this year. They are even worried about how much air-time to give Bush at the convention.

Bush might brag on how timetables in Iraq were the White House plan all along. Or say something equally funny, while counting on the short memory span of most people. I am looking forward to seeing this good looking woman on the tube as often as I can. McCain sure stole Obama’s "Change" motto. Who would have thought it possible?

McCain is more shrewd than most people give him credit for. Above all we are going to need "shrewd" in the White House. Furthermore, the fact that so many liberals are against Palin is reason enough for me to vote the GOP ticket.

Paschal Baute.
September 1, 2008


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